Doctor Who introductions

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airings known to have no intros or outros are greyed out
titles in bold indicate the beginning of a Doctor's run

7709/25/1976The Claws of Axos, 1-4[video] [text]   
7803/07/1977Terror of the Autons, pt. 1[video] [text]   
7903/08/1977Terror of the Autons, pt. 2    
8003/09/1977Terror of the Autons, pt. 3[video] [text]   
8103/10/1977Terror of the Autons, pt. 4    
8202/11/1980The Invasion of Time, pt. 1 of 6    
23309/25/1980The Hand of Fear, pt. 4 [video] [text]  
26401/04/1981The Sun Makers  [video] 
26601/18/1981The Invasion of Time, pt. 1 [text]  
29909/20/1981The Power of Kroll [text]  
30009/27/1981The Armageddon Factor, pt. 1 [text]  
30110/04/1981The Armageddon Factor, pt. 2[text][text]  
30210/11/1981Destiny of the Daleks[text]   
30310/18/1981City of Death[video][video]  
31401/03/1982The Ribos Operation    
35710/23/1982Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 1[text]   
35910/30/1982Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 2 [text]  
36411/14/1982Underworld [text]  
36912/04/1982The Android Invasion [text]  
37012/05/1982The Ribos Operation[text][text]  
37412/19/1982The Stones of Blood [text]  
38301/23/1983Destiny of the Daleks [text]  
39302/27/1983The Leisure Hive[video] [text]   
39703/13/1983Full Circle[text][text]  
39903/20/1983State of Decay[text][text]  
40103/27/1983Warriors' Gate[text][text]  
40204/03/1983The Keeper of Traken[text][text]  
40505/01/1983Four to Doomsday    
40705/15/1983The Visitation[text][text]  
40805/22/1983Black Orchid[text][text]  
41006/05/1983Time-Flight [text]  
41106/12/1983Inferno, pt. 1 [text]  
41206/19/1983Inferno, pt. 2 [text]  
41306/26/1983The Claws of Axos[text][text]  
41407/03/1983Colony in Space, pt. 1 [text]  
41507/10/1983Colony in Space, pt. 2 [text]  
41607/17/1983Day of the Daleks [text]  
41707/24/1983The Sea Devils, pt. 1 [text]  
41807/31/1983The Sea Devils, pt. 2[text][text]  
41908/07/1983The Mutants, pt. 1 [text]  
42008/14/1983The Mutants, pt. 2 [text]  
42108/21/1983The Time Monster, pt. 1[text][text]  
42208/28/1983The Time Monster, pt. 2 [text]  
42309/04/1983The Three Doctors[text][text]  
42409/11/1983Carnival of Monsters [text]  
42509/18/1983The Green Death, pt. 1[text][text]  
42609/25/1983The Green Death, pt. 2[text][text]  
42710/02/1983The Time Warrior[text][text]  
42810/09/1983Death to the Daleks[text][text]  
42910/16/1983The Monster of Peladon, pt. 1 [text]  
43010/23/1983The Monster of Peladon, pt. 2 [text]  
43110/30/1983Planet of the Spiders, pt. 1 [text]  
43211/06/1983Planet of the Spiders, pt. 2 [text]  
43411/20/1983The Ark in Space[text][text]  
43511/23/1983The Five Doctors    
43611/27/1983The Sontaran Experiment    
43711/27/1983The Five Doctors    
43812/04/1983Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 1[text]   
43912/11/1983Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 2[text]   
44012/18/1983Revenge of the Cybermen [text]  
44112/25/1983Terror of the Zygons [text]  
44201/01/1984Planet of Evil    
44301/08/1984Pyramids of Mars [text]  
44401/15/1984The Android Invasion [text]  
44501/22/1984The Brain of Morbius [text]  
44601/29/1984The Seeds of Doom, pt. 1 [text]  
44702/05/1984The Seeds of Doom, pt. 2 [text]  
44802/12/1984The Masque of Mandragora [text]  
44902/19/1984The Hand of Fear [text]  
45002/26/1984The Deadly Assassin[text][text]  
45103/04/1984The Face of Evil    
45203/11/1984The Robots of Death    
45303/18/1984The Talons of Weng-Chiang, pt. 1    
45403/25/1984The Talons of Weng-Chiang, pt. 2 [text]  
45504/01/1984Horror of Fang Rock [text]  
45604/08/1984The Invisible Enemy [text]  
45704/22/1984Image of the Fendahl [text]  
45804/29/1984The Sun Makers[text][text]  
46005/13/1984The Invasion of Time, pt. 1[text][text]  
46105/20/1984The Invasion of Time, pt. 2[text][text]  
46205/27/1984The Ribos Operation[text][text]  
46306/03/1984The Stones of Blood[text]   
46406/10/1984The Pirate Planet[text][text]  
46506/17/1984The Androids of Tara [text]  
46606/24/1984The Power of Kroll [text]  
46707/01/1984The Armageddon Factor, pt. 1[video] [text][text]  
46807/08/1984The Armageddon Factor, pt. 2[video][text]  
46907/15/1984Destiny of the Daleks[video] [text][video] [text][video][video]
47007/22/1984City of Death [text]  
47107/29/1984The Creature from the Pit[text][text]  
47208/05/1984Nightmare of Eden[text][text]  
47308/12/1984The Horns of Nimon [text]  
47408/19/1984The Leisure Hive [text]  
47508/26/1984Meglos [text]  
47609/02/1984Full Circle [text]  
47709/09/1984State of Decay[video] [text][video] [text] [video]
47809/16/1984Warriors' Gate[video] [text][video] [text]  
47909/23/1984The Keeper of Traken[video] [text][video] [text]  
48009/30/1984Logopolis[video] [text][video] [text]  
48210/14/1984Four to Doomsday    
48410/28/1984The Visitation[text][text]  
48511/04/1984Black Orchid[text][text]  
48811/25/1984Arc of Infinity    
48912/02/1984Snakedance   [video]
49012/03/1984Mawdryn Undead    
49312/06/1984The King's Demons    
49412/07/1984Warriors of the Deep    
49512/09/1984The Awakening    
49712/23/1984Resurrection of the Daleks    
49812/30/1984Planet of Fire    
49901/06/1985The Caves of Androzani    
50001/13/1985The Five Doctors    
50101/20/1985Inferno, pt. 1[text][text]  
50201/27/1985Inferno, pt. 2[text][text]  
50302/03/1985The Claws of Axos [text]  
50402/10/1985Colony in Space, pt. 1[text][text]  
50502/17/1985Colony in Space, pt. 2 [text]  
50602/24/1985Day of the Daleks[text][text]  
50703/03/1985The Sea Devils, pt. 1[text][text]  
50803/10/1985The Sea Devils, pt. 2    
50903/17/1985The Mutants, pt. 1    
51003/18/1985The Mutants, pt. 2    
51103/19/1985The Time Monster, pt. 1    
51203/20/1985The Time Monster, pt. 2[text][text]  
51303/21/1985The Three Doctors    
51403/24/1985Carnival of Monsters    
51503/31/1985The Green Death, pt. 1[text][text]  
51604/07/1985The Green Death, pt. 2 [text]  
51704/14/1985The Time Warrior[text][text]  
51804/21/1985Death to the Daleks[text][text]  
51904/28/1985The Monster of Peladon, pt. 1[text][text]  
52005/05/1985The Monster of Peladon, pt. 2[text][text]  
52105/12/1985Planet of the Spiders, pt. 1[text][text]  
52205/19/1985Planet of the Spiders, pt. 2[text][text]  
52406/02/1985The Ark in Space[text][text]  
52506/09/1985The Sontaran Experiment[text][text]  
52606/16/1985Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 1[text][text]  
52706/23/1985Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 2[text][text]  
52806/30/1985Revenge of the Cybermen[text][text]  
52907/07/1985Terror of the Zygons[text][text]  
53007/14/1985Planet of Evil[text][text]  
53107/21/1985Pyramids of Mars [text]  
53207/28/1985The Android Invasion [text]  
53308/04/1985The Brain of Morbius[text][text]  
53408/11/1985The Seeds of Doom, pt. 1[text][text]  
53508/18/1985The Seeds of Doom, pt. 2 [text]  
53608/25/1985The Masque of Mandragora [text]  
53709/01/1985The Hand of Fear[text][text]  
53809/08/1985The Deadly Assassin[text][text]  
53909/15/1985The Face of Evil[text][text]  
54009/22/1985The Robots of Death[text][text]  
54109/29/1985The Talons of Weng-Chiang, pt. 1[text][text]  
54210/06/1985The Talons of Weng-Chiang, pt. 2[text][text]  
54310/13/1985Horror of Fang Rock[text][text]  
54410/20/1985The Invisible Enemy[text][text]  
54510/27/1985Image of the Fendahl[text][text]  
54611/03/1985The Sun Makers[text][text]  
54811/17/1985The Invasion of Time, pt. 1[text][text]  
54911/24/1985The Invasion of Time, pt. 2[text][text]  
55012/01/1985The Ribos Operation    
55112/08/1985The Pirate Planet    
55212/09/1985The Stones of Blood    
55312/10/1985The Androids of Tara    
55412/11/1985The Power of Kroll    
55512/12/1985The Armageddon Factor, pt. 1    
55612/15/1985The Armageddon Factor, pt. 2    
55712/22/1985Destiny of the Daleks[text][text]  
55812/29/1985City of Death[text][text]  
55901/05/1986The Creature from the Pit[text][text]  
56001/12/1986Nightmare of Eden[text][text]  
56101/19/1986The Horns of Nimon[text][text]  
56201/26/1986The Leisure Hive[text][text]  
56402/09/1986Full Circle[text][text]  
56502/16/1986State of Decay[text][text]  
56602/23/1986Warriors' Gate[text][text]  
56703/02/1986The Keeper of Traken [text]  
56903/16/1986The Twin Dilemma [text]  
57003/23/1986Attack of the Cybermen[text][text]  
57103/30/1986Vengeance on Varos[text][text]  
57204/06/1986The Mark of the Rani[text][text]  
57304/13/1986The Two Doctors, pt. 1[text][text]  
57404/20/1986The Two Doctors, pt. 2[text][text]  
57605/04/1986Revelation of the Daleks[text][text]  
57705/11/1986An Unearthly Child[video] [text][text]  
57805/18/1986The Daleks, pt. 1[text][text]  
57905/25/1986The Daleks, pt. 2[text][text]  
58006/01/1986The Edge of Destruction[text][text]  
58106/08/1986The Keys of Marinus, pt. 1[text][text]  
58206/15/1986The Keys of Marinus, pt. 2[text][text]  
58306/22/1986The Aztecs[text][text]  
58406/29/1986The Sensorites, pt. 1[text][text]  
58507/06/1986The Sensorites, pt. 2[text][text]  
58607/13/1986Planet of Giants[text][text]  
58707/20/1986The Dalek Invasion of Earth, pt. 1[text][text]  
58807/24/1986The Five Doctors    
58907/27/1986The Dalek Invasion of Earth, pt. 2[text][text]  
59008/03/1986The Rescue[text][text]  
59108/10/1986The Romans[text][text]  
59208/17/1986The Web Planet, pt. 1    
59308/24/1986The Web Planet, pt. 2    
59408/31/1986The Space Museum[text][text]  
59509/07/1986The Chase, pt. 1[text][text]  
59609/14/1986The Chase, pt. 2[text][text]  
59709/21/1986The Time Meddler[text][text]  
59809/28/1986The Ark[text][text]  
59910/05/1986The Gunfighters[text][text]  
60010/12/1986The War Machines[text][text]  
60110/19/1986The Mind Robber[text][text]  
60210/26/1986The Dominators[text][text]  
60311/02/1986The Krotons[text][text]  
60411/09/1986The Seeds of Death, pt. 1[text][text]  
60511/16/1986The Seeds of Death, pt. 2[text][text]  
60611/23/1986The War Games, pt. 1[text][text]  
60711/30/1986The War Games, pt. 2    
60812/07/1986The War Games, pt. 3    
60912/08/1986Spearhead from Space    
61012/09/1986Doctor Who and the Silurians, pt. 1    
61112/10/1986Doctor Who and the Silurians, pt. 2    
61212/11/1986The Ambassadors of Death, pt. 1    
61312/12/1986The Ambassadors of Death, pt. 2    
61512/14/1986Terror of the Autons    
61612/21/1986The Mind of Evil, pt. 1[text][text]  
61712/28/1986The Mind of Evil, pt. 2[text][text]  
61801/04/1987The Claws of Axos[text][text]  
61901/11/1987Colony in Space, pt. 1 [text]  
62001/18/1987Colony in Space, pt. 2[text][text]  
62101/25/1987The Daemons[text]   
62202/01/1987Day of the Daleks[text]   
62302/08/1987The Curse of Peladon[text][text]  
62402/15/1987The Sea Devils, pt. 1[text][text]  
62502/22/1987The Sea Devils, pt. 2[text][text]  
62603/01/1987The Mutants, pt. 1[text][text]  
62703/08/1987The Mutants, pt. 2    
62803/15/1987The Time Monster, pt. 1    
62903/22/1987The Time Monster, pt. 2    
63003/29/1987The Three Doctors[text][text]  
63104/05/1987Carnival of Monsters [text]  
63204/12/1987Frontier in Space, pt. 1[text][text]  
63304/19/1987Frontier in Space, pt. 2[text][text]  
63404/26/1987Planet of the Daleks[text][text]  
63505/03/1987The Green Death, pt. 1    
63605/10/1987The Green Death, pt. 2    
63705/17/1987The Time Warrior[text][text]  
63805/24/1987Invasion of the Dinosaurs[text][text]  
63905/31/1987Death to the Daleks[text][text]  
64006/07/1987The Monster of Peladon, pt. 1[text][text]  
64106/14/1987The Monster of Peladon, pt. 2 [text]  
64206/21/1987Planet of the Spiders, pt. 1    
64306/28/1987Planet of the Spiders, pt. 2[text][text]  
64507/12/1987The Ark in Space [text]  
64607/19/1987The Sontaran Experiment[text][text]  
64707/26/1987Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 1 [text]  
64808/02/1987Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 2 [text]  
64908/09/1987Revenge of the Cybermen [text]  
65008/16/1987Terror of the Zygons    
65108/23/1987Planet of Evil [text]  
65208/30/1987Pyramids of Mars[text][text]  
65309/06/1987The Android Invasion[text][text]  
65409/13/1987The Brain of Morbius [text]  
65509/20/1987The Seeds of Doom, pt. 1[text][text]  
65609/27/1987The Seeds of Doom, pt. 2[text][text]  
65710/04/1987The Masque of Mandragora[text][text]  
65810/11/1987The Hand of Fear[text][text]  
65910/18/1987The Deadly Assassin [text]  
66010/25/1987The Face of Evil[text][text]  
66111/01/1987The Robots of Death[text][text]  
66211/08/1987The Talons of Weng-Chiang, pt. 1[text][text]  
66311/15/1987The Talons of Weng-Chiang, pt. 2 [text]  
66411/22/1987Horror of Fang Rock [text]  
66511/29/1987The Invisible Enemy [text]  
66612/06/1987Image of the Fendahl    
66712/13/1987The Sun Makers    
66812/20/1987Underworld [text]  
66912/27/1987The Invasion of Time, pt. 1 [text]  
67012/31/1987Resurrection of the Daleks [text]  
67112/31/1987Revelation of the Daleks[text]   
67212/31/1987Day of the Daleks [text]  
67301/03/1988The Invasion of Time, pt. 2    
67401/10/1988The Ribos Operation [text]  
67501/17/1988The Pirate Planet [text]  
67601/24/1988The Stones of Blood [text]  
67701/31/1988The Androids of Tara [text]  
67802/07/1988The Power of Kroll[text][text]  
67902/14/1988The Armageddon Factor, pt. 1[text][text]  
68002/21/1988The Armageddon Factor, pt. 2 [text]  
68102/28/1988Destiny of the Daleks[text][text]  
68203/06/1988City of Death    
68303/12/1988Terror of the Autons    
68603/12/1988The Mark of the Rani    
68703/13/1988The Creature from the Pit    
68803/20/1988Nightmare of Eden    
68903/27/1988The Horns of Nimon [text]  
69004/03/1988The Leisure Hive[text][text]  
69104/10/1988Meglos [text]  
69204/17/1988Full Circle[text][text]  
69304/24/1988State of Decay[text][text]  
69405/01/1988Warriors' Gate [text]  
69505/08/1988The Keeper of Traken [text]  
69705/22/1988Castrovalva [text]  
69805/29/1988Four to Doomsday [text]  
70006/12/1988The Visitation[text][text]  
70106/19/1988Black Orchid[text][text]  
70407/10/1988Arc of Infinity[text][text]  
70607/24/1988Mawdryn Undead[text][text]  
70908/14/1988The King's Demons[text][text]  
71008/21/1988Warriors of the Deep[text][text]  
71108/28/1988The Awakening    
71209/04/1988Frontios [text]  
71309/11/1988Resurrection of the Daleks [text]  
71409/18/1988Planet of Fire[text][text]  
71509/25/1988The Caves of Androzani [text]  
71610/02/1988The Twin Dilemma[text][text]  
71710/09/1988Attack of the Cybermen[text][text]  
71810/16/1988Vengeance on Varos[text][text]  
71910/23/1988The Mark of the Rani    
72010/30/1988The Two Doctors, pt. 1    
72111/06/1988The Two Doctors, pt. 2    
72311/20/1988Revelation of the Daleks [text]  
72411/27/1988The Trial of a Time Lord, pt. 1 [text]  
72512/04/1988The Trial of a Time Lord, pt. 2[text][text]  
72612/11/1988The Trial of a Time Lord, pt. 3    
72712/18/1988The Trial of a Time Lord, pt. 4[text][text]  
72812/25/1988Time and the Rani[text][text]  
72901/01/1989Paradise Towers[text][text]  
73001/08/1989Delta and the Bannermen[text][text]  
73201/22/1989Spearhead from Space[text][text]  
73301/29/1989Inferno, pt. 1[text][text]  
73402/05/1989Inferno, pt. 2 [text]  
73502/12/1989The Claws of Axos [text]  
73602/19/1989Colony in Space, pt. 1 [text]  
73702/26/1989Colony in Space, pt. 2[text][text]  
73803/05/1989Remembrance of the Daleks [text]  
73903/12/1989The Happiness Patrol [text]  
74003/19/1989Silver Nemesis [text]  
74103/26/1989The Greatest Show in the Galaxy[text][text]  
74204/02/1989Day of the Daleks [text]  
74304/09/1989The Curse of Peladon    
74404/16/1989The Sea Devils, pt. 1[text][text]  
74504/23/1989The Sea Devils, pt. 2[text][text]  
74604/30/1989The Mutants, pt. 1[text][text]  
74705/07/1989The Mutants, pt. 2 [text]  
74805/14/1989The Time Monster, pt. 1[text][text]  
74905/21/1989The Time Monster, pt. 2[text][text]  
75005/28/1989The Three Doctors[text][text]  
75106/04/1989Carnival of Monsters[text][text]  
75206/11/1989Frontier in Space, pt. 1 [text]  
75306/18/1989Frontier in Space, pt. 2 [text]  
75406/25/1989Planet of the Daleks[text][text]  
75507/02/1989The Green Death, pt. 1 [text]  
75607/09/1989The Green Death, pt. 2 [text]  
75707/16/1989The Monster of Peladon, pt. 1    
75807/23/1989Invasion of the Dinosaurs[text][text]  
75907/30/1989Death to the Daleks[text][text]  
76008/06/1989The Monster of Peladon, pt. 1[text][text]  
76108/06/1989The Monster of Peladon, pt. 2 [text]  
76208/13/1989The Time Warrior[text][text]  
76308/20/1989Planet of the Spiders, pt. 1    
76408/27/1989Planet of the Spiders, pt. 2 [text]  
76609/10/1989The Ark in Space[text][text]  
76709/17/1989The Sontaran Experiment    
76809/24/1989Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 1 [text]  
76910/01/1989Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 2 [text]  
77010/08/1989Revenge of the Cybermen [text]  
77110/15/1989Terror of the Zygons[text][text]  
77210/22/1989Planet of Evil    
77310/29/1989Pyramids of Mars    
77411/05/1989The Android Invasion    
77511/12/1989The Brain of Morbius    
77611/19/1989The Seeds of Doom, pt. 1[text]   
77711/26/1989The Seeds of Doom, pt. 2[text][text]  
77812/03/1989The Masque of Mandragora [text]  
77912/10/1989The Hand of Fear    
78012/17/1989The Deadly Assassin    
78112/31/1989The Face of Evil    
78212/31/1989The Robots of Death    
78301/05/1990The Talons of Weng-Chiang, pt. 1 [text]  
78401/12/1990The Talons of Weng-Chiang, pt. 2 [text]  
78501/19/1990Horror of Fang Rock    
78601/26/1990The Invisible Enemy [text]  
78702/02/1990The Sun Makers [text]  
78802/09/1990Image of the Fendahl[text][text]  
78902/16/1990Underworld [text]  
79002/23/1990The Invasion of Time, pt. 1 [text]  
79103/02/1990The Invasion of Time, pt. 2 [text]  
79203/09/1990The Ribos Operation    
79303/16/1990The Pirate Planet    
79403/23/1990The Stones of Blood    
79503/30/1990The Androids of Tara    
79604/06/1990The Power of Kroll    
79704/13/1990The Armageddon Factor, pt. 1    
79804/20/1990The Armageddon Factor, pt. 2    
79904/27/1990Destiny of the Daleks[text][text]  
80005/04/1990City of Death[text][text]  
80105/11/1990The Creature from the Pit    
80205/18/1990Nightmare of Eden    
80305/25/1990The Horns of Nimon    
80406/01/1990The Leisure Hive[text][text]  
80606/15/1990Full Circle    
80706/22/1990State of Decay    
80806/29/1990Warriors' Gate    
80907/07/1990The Keeper of Traken    
81207/28/1990Four to Doomsday    
81308/04/1990Kinda [text]  
81408/11/1990The Visitation    
81508/18/1990Black Orchid    
81608/25/1990Earthshock [text]  
81809/08/1990Arc of Infinity    
82009/22/1990Mawdryn Undead [text]  
82210/01/1990Spearhead from Space [text]  
82310/02/1990Inferno, pt. 1 [text]  
82410/03/1990Inferno, pt. 2 [text]  
82510/04/1990The Claws of Axos [text]  
82610/08/1990Colony in Space, pt. 1    
82710/09/1990Colony in Space, pt. 2 [text]  
82810/10/1990The Curse of Peladon [text]  
82910/11/1990The Sea Devils, pt. 1 [text]  
83010/15/1990The Sea Devils, pt. 2    
83110/16/1990The Mutants, pt. 1 [text]  
83210/17/1990The Mutants, pt. 2 [video] [text]  
83310/18/1990The Time Monster, pt. 1 [text]  
83410/22/1990The Time Monster, pt. 2 [text]  
83510/23/1990The Three Doctors [text]  
83610/24/1990Carnival of Monsters    
83710/25/1990Frontier in Space, pt. 1 [text]  
83810/29/1990Frontier in Space, pt. 2 [text]  
83910/30/1990Planet of the Daleks [text]  
84010/31/1990The Green Death, pt. 1 [text]  
84111/01/1990The Green Death, pt. 2 [text]  
84211/05/1990The Time Warrior [text]  
84311/06/1990Invasion of the Dinosaurs [text]  
84411/07/1990Death to the Daleks [text]  
84511/08/1990The Mind of Evil, pt. 1 [text]  
84611/12/1990The Mind of Evil, pt. 2 [text]  
84711/13/1990Planet of the Spiders, pt. 1 [text]  
84811/14/1990Planet of the Spiders, pt. 2 [text]  
84911/15/1990Robot [text]  
85011/19/1990The Ark in Space [text]  
85111/20/1990The Sontaran Experiment [text]  
85211/22/1990Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 1 [text]  
85311/26/1990Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 2    
85411/27/1990Revenge of the Cybermen    
85511/28/1990Terror of the Zygons [text]  
85611/29/1990Planet of Evil    
85712/03/1990Pyramids of Mars    
85812/04/1990The Android Invasion    
85912/05/1990The Brain of Morbius    
86012/06/1990The Seeds of Doom, pt. 1    
86112/10/1990The Seeds of Doom, pt. 2    
86212/11/1990The Masque of Mandragora    
86312/12/1990The Hand of Fear    
86412/13/1990The Deadly Assassin    
86512/17/1990The Face of Evil [text]  
86612/18/1990The Robots of Death [text]  
86712/19/1990The Talons of Weng-Chiang, pt. 1 [text]  
86812/20/1990The Talons of Weng-Chiang, pt. 2    
86912/25/1990Horror of Fang Rock    
87012/26/1990The Invisible Enemy [text]  
87112/27/1990The Sun Makers [text]  
87201/06/1991Image of the Fendahl [text]  
87301/13/1991Underworld [text]  
87401/20/1991The Invasion of Time, pt. 1 [text]  
87501/27/1991The Invasion of Time, pt. 2 [text]  
87602/03/1991The Ribos Operation [text]  
87802/17/1991The Stones of Blood [text]  
87902/24/1991The Androids of Tara [text]  
88003/03/1991The Power of Kroll    
88103/10/1991Destiny of the Daleks    
88203/17/1991City of Death    
88303/24/1991The Creature from the Pit [text]  
88403/24/1991Nightmare of Eden    
88503/31/1991The Horns of Nimon [text]  
88603/31/1991The Leisure Hive    
88704/07/1991Meglos [text]  
88804/07/1991Full Circle    
88904/14/1991State of Decay [text]  
89004/14/1991Warriors' Gate    
89104/21/1991The Keeper of Traken    
89304/28/1991The Twin Dilemma [text]  
89405/05/1991Attack of the Cybermen [text]  
89505/12/1991Vengeance on Varos [text]  
89605/19/1991The Two Doctors, pt. 1    
89705/26/1991The Two Doctors, pt. 2 [text]  
89806/02/1991Timelash [text]  
89906/09/1991The Trial of a Time Lord, pt. 1 [text]  
90006/16/1991The Trial of a Time Lord, pt. 2    
90106/23/1991The Trial of a Time Lord, pt. 3    
90207/07/1991The Trial of a Time Lord, pt. 4 [text]  
90307/14/1991Time and the Rani [text]  
90407/21/1991Paradise Towers [text]  
90507/28/1991Delta and the Bannermen [text]  
90608/04/1991Dragonfire [text]  
90708/11/1991Remembrance of the Daleks [text]  
90808/18/1991The Happiness Patrol    
90908/25/1991Silver Nemesis [text]  
91009/01/1991The Greatest Show in the Galaxy    
91107/07/1996Day of the Daleks[text]   
91207/14/1996The Three Doctors[text]   
91307/21/1996The Five Doctors[text]   
91407/28/1996Pyramids of Mars[text]   
91508/04/1996City of Death[text]   
91708/18/1996The Twin Dilemma    
91808/25/1996Ghost Light[text]   
91909/01/1996The Curse of Fenric[text]