guest announcers for Harry Caray, 1987

1.Tuesday, April 7, 1987Brent Musburgerboxscore
Wednesday, April 8, 1987(no game)
2.Thursday, April 9, 1987Mike Roykoboxscore
3.Friday, April 10, 1987George Willboxscore
4.Saturday, April 11, 1987George Wendt, Danny Breenboxscore
5.Sunday, April 12, 1987Bob Costasboxscore
6.Monday, April 13, 1987Ernie Harwellboxscore
Tuesday, April 14, 1987(no game)
7.Wednesday, April 15, 1987Pat Summerallboxscore
8.Thursday, April 16, 1987Skip Carayboxscore
9.Friday, April 17, 1987Bill Murrayboxscore
Saturday, April 18, 1987(NBC Game of the Week)boxscore
10.Sunday, April 19, 1987Bob Sirottboxscore
11.Tuesday, April 21, 1987Jack Buckboxscore
12.Wednesday, April 22, 1987Ken Wilsonboxscore
13.Thursday, April 23, 1987Mike Shannonboxscore
14.Friday, April 24, 1987Gary Benderboxscore
15.Saturday, April 25, 1987(NBC Game of the Week)boxscore
16.Sunday, April 26, 1987Gary Benderboxscore
Monday, April 27, 1987(no game)
17.Tuesday, April 28, 1987Ron Rapoportboxscore
18.Wednesday, April 29, 1987Tom Bosleyboxscore
19.Thursday, April 30, 1987Jack Brickhouseboxscore
20.Friday, May 1, 1987Jim Kaatboxscore
Saturday, May 2, 1987(NBC Game of the Week)boxscore
21.Sunday, May 3, 1987Steve Daleyboxscore
22.Monday, May 4, 1987Dick Stocktonboxscore
23.Tuesday, May 5, 1987Ernie Banksboxscore
24.Wednesday, May 6, 1987Dennis Franzboxscore
25.Thursday, May 7, 1987Harry Kalasboxscore
26.Friday, May 8, 1987Jim Belushiboxscore
27.Saturday, May 9, 1987Duke Sniderboxscore
28.Sunday, May 10, 1987Dick Enbergboxscore
Monday, May 11, 1987Tom Dreesenboxscore
29.Tuesday, May 12, 1987Joe Torreboxscore
30.Wednesday, May 13, 1987Jay Johnstoneboxscore
Thursday, May 14, 1987(no game)
31.Friday, May 15, 1987Pat Williamsboxscore
Saturday, May 16, 1987(NBC Game of the Week)boxscore
32.Sunday, May 17, 1987Bob Starrboxscore
Monday, May 18, 1987(rainout)
Tuesday, May 19, 1987(Harry returns)boxscore

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