WTTW Compilations

Marty Robinson often claimed that he was the one who decided to compile Doctor Who stories into movie-length adventures. No one has yet disproven his claim. Below is a table of the Doctor Who stories as shown on Channel 11 and their peculiarities. Except for the Hartnell and Troughton credits which were almost certainly created by Lionheart, it is unclear how much editing was done by Channel 11 and how much was done by Time-Life and Lionheart.

"Airings" refers to the 658 broadcasts of compiled versions.

Number of
An Unearthly Child05/11/198605/11/198611:30:02 
The Daleks, pt. 105/18/198605/18/198611:34:08"Part 1" added below "The Dead Planet." WTTW break: "It's down there somewhere. In the city" followed by Hartnell closeup. "to be continued.." added below (composite?) credits.
The Daleks, pt. 205/25/198605/25/198611:08:15"The Dead Planet Part 2" added over title sequence. Closing credits remade.
The Edge of Destruction06/01/198606/01/198610:45:46 
The Keys of Marinus, pt. 106/08/198606/08/19861 "The Keys of Marinus, Part 1, Written by Terry Nation" added over freeze-frame of opening scene.
The Keys of Marinus, pt. 206/15/198606/15/19861  
The Aztecs06/22/198606/22/198611:33:01Establishing shot frozen to hide "The Temple of Evil" and "Written by John Lucarotti." Tag from episode 4 (23:56 to end) removed to hide "Next episode Strangers in Space." Closing credits remade.
The Sensorites, pt. 106/29/198606/29/198611:03:40WTTW break: "Then when they are seated, kill them." "to be continued..." added over remade credits.
The Sensorites, pt. 207/06/198607/06/198611:19:51"The Sensorites Part 2" added over titles.
Planet of Giants07/13/198607/13/198611:10:34Original title and writer caption in tact. Final frames frozen to hide "Next Week World's End." Credits in tact.
The Dalek Invasion of Earth, pt. 107/20/198607/20/198611:06:30"World's End" and "Written by Terry Nation" removed and not replaced. WTTW break: Dortmun killed by Daleks (21:12 of episode 3)
The Dalek Invasion of Earth, pt. 207/27/198607/27/198611:19:20WTTW begins with Barbara, Jenny and Dortmun escape through the streets of London (16:27 of episode 3). "Next week" caption removed, composite credits added.
The Rescue08/03/198608/03/198610:48:26 
The Romans08/10/198608/10/198611:32:19 
The Web Planet, pt. 108/17/198608/17/198611:05:19 
The Web Planet, pt. 208/24/198608/24/198610:51:08WTTW airing begins 20? min. into episode, without titles.
The Space Museum08/31/198608/31/198611:25:14 
The Chase, pt. 109/07/198609/07/198611:32:11 
The Chase, pt. 209/14/198609/14/198610:49:07 
The Time Meddler09/21/198609/21/198611:29:43 
The Ark09/28/198609/28/198611:32:11 
The Gunfighters10/05/198610/05/198611:28:29 
The War Machines10/12/198610/12/198611:27:09 
The Dominators10/26/198610/26/19861  
The Mind Robber10/19/198610/19/19861 Shown first because WTTW felt "The Dominators" was "too confusing" as an introduction to Patrick Troughton.
The Krotons11/02/198611/02/19861  
The Seeds of Death, pt. 111/09/198611/09/19861  
The Seeds of Death, pt. 211/16/198611/16/19861  
The War Games, pt. 111/23/198611/23/19861  
The War Games, pt. 211/30/198611/30/19861  
The War Games, pt. 312/07/198612/07/19861  
Spearhead from Space12/08/198610/01/199031:31:05Titles frozen to hide "Episode One"
Doctor Who and the Silurians, pt. 112/09/198612/09/19861  
Doctor Who and the Silurians, pt. 212/10/198612/10/19861  
The Ambassadors of Death, pt. 112/11/198612/11/198611:35:26"Episode One" removed by Lionheart. "Part 1" added below titles by WTTW. "To Be Continued" added over composite Lionheart credits.
The Ambassadors of Death, pt. 212/12/198612/12/198611:18:17"Part 2" added below titles.
Inferno, pt. 106/12/198310/02/199041:12:28WTTW break: "Remember that." Stahlman gets a headache. (7:13 of episode 4). "Part one" added to titles beginning with 1/29/1989 airing.
Inferno, pt. 206/19/198310/03/199041:23:26"Pertwee as newsreader" scene in episode 5 cut from UK broadcast included in all US broadcasts.
Terror of the Autons12/14/198603/12/198821:29:12Titles frozen to hide "Episode One"
The Mind of Evil, pt. 112/21/198611/08/199021:08:48"Part 1" added below episode title.
The Mind of Evil, pt. 212/28/198611/12/199021:10:44"Part 2" added below episode title.
The Claws of Axos06/26/198310/04/199051:31:26"Part One" removed.
Colony in Space, pt. 107/03/198310/08/199051:01:58"Part One" removed. WTTW break: "It won't be a battle, it'll be a slaughter."
Colony in Space, pt. 207/10/198310/09/199051:15:43 
The Daemons01/25/198701/25/198711:52:38 
Day of the Daleks07/17/198307/07/199661:28:21Sting from end of episode 2 partially retained.
The Curse of Peladon02/08/198710/10/199031:32:01Titles frozen on "written by Brian Hayles" to hide "Episode One" caption.
The Sea Devils, pt. 107/24/198310/11/199051:18:02WTTW break: "Perhaps you'll believe me now."
The Sea Devils, pt. 207/31/198310/15/199050:59:28 
The Mutants, pt. 108/07/198310/16/199050:57:10WTTW break: The message box opens.
The Mutants, pt. 208/14/198310/17/199051:21:36 
The Time Monster, pt. 108/21/198310/18/199051:01:56WTTW break: "Oh, well. That was fun while it lasted."
The Time Monster, pt. 208/28/198310/22/199051:15:28 
The Three Doctors09/04/198307/14/199661:32:25"Part One" removed.
Carnival of Monsters09/11/198310/24/199051:33:18"Episode One" removed.
Frontier in Space, pt. 104/12/198710/25/199031:06:42"Part 1" added below "Frontier in Space." "By Malcolm Hulke" frozen to hide "Episode One." "To Be Continued...." added below credits. WTTW break: The Doctor bangs on the door.
Frontier in Space, pt. 204/19/198710/29/199031:11:32 
Planet of the Daleks04/26/198710/30/199031:44:29Episode 3 not included, episodes 2 and 4 trimmed. "By Terry Nation" caption frozen to hide "Part One"
The Green Death, pt. 109/18/198310/31/199051:05:58"Part One" removed. WTTW break: "Stevens, you are a sentimentalist."
The Green Death, pt. 209/25/198311/01/199051:18:40 
The Time Warrior10/02/198311/05/199051:29:20"Part One" removed.
Invasion of the Dinosaurs05/24/198711/06/199031:55:13Begins with part 2. Titles frozen on "By Malcolm Hulke" frozen to hide "Part Two"
Death to the Daleks10/09/198311/07/199051:32:34 
The Monster of Peladon, pt. 110/16/198308/06/198951:08:06WTTW break: "Do not move. You are my prisoners."
The Monster of Peladon, pt. 210/23/198308/06/19894  
Planet of the Spiders, pt. 110/30/198311/13/199051:07:29WTTW break: "OK, OK, I'll come quietly."
Planet of the Spiders, pt. 211/06/198311/14/199051:06:08 
The Ark in Space02/08/198111/19/199081:32:34Diamond logo replaces "Part One"
The Sontaran Experiment02/15/198111/20/199090:47:11Diamond logo replaces "Part One"
Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 102/22/198111/22/199081:08:05"Part One" retained. WTTW break: actual episode 3 cliffhanger (The Doctor is electricuted)
Genesis of the Daleks, pt. 203/01/198111/26/199081:12:10"Part Two" inserted.
Revenge of the Cybermen03/08/198111/27/199081:30:25"Part One" removed.
Terror of the Zygons03/22/198111/28/199081:31:14Diamond logo replaces "Part One"
Planet of Evil03/29/198111/29/199081:26:50"Part One" removed.
Pyramids of Mars04/05/198107/28/199691:32:13Diamond logo replaces "Part One"
The Android Invasion04/12/198112/04/199081:30:23Diamond logo replaces "Part One"
The Brain of Morbius04/19/198112/05/199081:33:58"Part One" removed. Part one contains no music or sound effects.
The Seeds of Doom, pt. 104/26/198112/06/199071:09:46"Part One" retained. WTTW break: actual episode 3 cliffhanger.
The Seeds of Doom, pt. 205/03/198112/10/199071:08:23"Part Two" title sequence used.
The Masque of Mandragora05/10/198112/11/199081:32:33Diamond logo replaces "Part One"
The Hand of Fear05/17/198112/12/199081:33:09Diamond logo replaces "Part One"
The Deadly Assassin05/24/198112/13/199081:28:35Diamond logo replaces "Part One"
The Face of Evil06/07/198112/17/199081:33:40"Part One" retained.
The Robots of Death06/14/198112/18/199081:29:54Diamond logo replaces "Part One"
The Talons of Weng-Chiang, pt. 106/21/198112/19/199071:07:21"Part One" retained. WTTW break: actual episode 3 cliffhanger (rat bites Leela, The Doctor prepares to shoot)
The Talons of Weng-Chiang, pt. 206/28/198112/20/199071:08:40"Part Two" inserted.
Horror of Fang Rock07/05/198112/25/199081:27:58"Part One" retained.
The Invisible Enemy07/12/198112/26/199081:26:28 
Image of the Fendahl07/19/198101/06/199181:28:14Diamond logo replaces "Part One"
The Sun Makers01/04/198112/27/199091:34:04Establishing shot trimmed to hide "Part One"
Underworld01/11/198101/13/199191:20:42All broadcasts fade to black to hide "Part One", fade credits early to hide "Introduced by Howard Da Silva." At 0:22:42 the voiceover from the beginning of episode 2 is mistakenly retained ("The signal from the missing ship grows stronger as the crew plummets to the underworld.")
The Invasion of Time, pt. 101/18/198101/20/199191:11:27"Part One" retained. WTTW break at actual episode 3 cliffhanger.
The Invasion of Time, pt. 201/25/198101/27/199191:11:45"Part Two" inserted.
The Ribos Operation08/23/198102/03/199181:34:30"Part One" retained.
The Pirate Planet08/30/198102/10/199181:36:02"Part One" retained.
The Stones of Blood09/06/198102/17/199181:30:47"Part One" retained.
The Androids of Tara09/13/198102/24/199181:31:55"Part One" retained.
The Power of Kroll09/20/198103/03/199181:22:19"Part One" retained.
The Armageddon Factor, pt. 109/27/198104/13/199071:09:41"Part One" retained. WTTW break at actual episode 3 cliffhanger.
The Armageddon Factor, pt. 210/04/198104/20/199071:09:52"Part Two" inserted after title sequence.
Destiny of the Daleks10/11/198103/10/199181:33:09"Episode One" retained.
City of Death10/18/198108/04/199691:32:21"Part One" retained.
The Creature from the Pit10/25/198103/24/199181:30:22"Part One" retained.
Nightmare of Eden11/01/198103/24/199181:27:45"Part One" retained.
The Horns of Nimon11/08/198103/31/199181:33:03 
The Leisure Hive11/15/198103/31/199181:15:51"Part One" retained.
Meglos11/22/198104/07/199181:16:22"Part One" retained.
Full Circle11/29/198104/07/199181:23:35 
State of Decay12/06/198104/14/199181:26:36"Part One" retained.
Warriors' Gate12/13/198104/14/199181:23:59"Part One" retained.
The Keeper of Traken12/20/198104/21/199181:28:33"Part One" retained.
Logopolis12/27/198104/21/199191:31:39"Part One" retained.
Castrovalva04/24/198307/21/199051:25:38No significant footage lost when "Part One" caption removed.
Four to Doomsday05/01/198307/28/199041:28:54"Part One" removed.
The Visitation05/15/198308/11/199041:28:17"Part One" removed.
Black Orchid05/22/198308/18/199040:46:40 
Earthshock05/29/198308/11/199651:29:45No significant footage lost when "Part One" caption removed.
Time-Flight06/05/198309/01/19904 "Part One" removed.
Arc of Infinity11/25/198409/08/199031:31:50"Part One" removed.
Mawdryn Undead12/03/198409/22/199031:30:26"Part One" removed.
Terminus12/04/198409/29/19903 "Part One" removed.
Enlightenment12/05/198408/07/198821:29:37"Part One" removed.
The King's Demons12/06/198408/14/198820:47:00 
The Five Doctors11/23/198307/21/199651:29:19Originally produced as a 90 min. special.
Warriors of the Deep12/07/198408/21/198821:28:54 
The Awakening12/09/198408/28/198820:47:42 
Frontios12/16/198409/04/19882 "Part One" removed.
Resurrection of the Daleks12/23/198409/11/198831:34:03Part two of two has no music or sound effects. "Part One" removed.
Planet of Fire12/30/198409/18/198821:29:42"Part One" removed.
The Caves of Androzani01/06/198509/25/198821:32:07"Part One" removed.
The Twin Dilemma03/16/198608/18/199641:32:07"Part One" removed.
Attack of the Cybermen03/23/198605/05/199131:25:56"Part One" removed.
Vengeance on Varos03/30/198605/12/199131:26:45"Part One" removed.
The Mark of the Rani04/06/198610/23/198831:26:27"Part One" removed.
The Two Doctors, pt. 104/13/198605/19/199131:01:51WTTW break: "Transference," followed by TARDIS shaking. "Part 1" caption added to title sequence with BBC's episode numbering removed. "To Be Continued ..." caption added. "Shockeye eats a rat" scene removed by WTTW.
The Two Doctors, pt. 204/20/198605/26/199131:10:02"Part 2" caption added to title sequence with BBC's episode numbering removed. Broadcast of 5/26/1991 aired without title sequence.
Revelation of the Daleks05/04/198611/20/198831:27:43"Part One" trimmed by Lionheart.
The Trial of a Time Lord, pt. 111/27/198806/09/199121:30:26"The Trial of a Time Lord," "by Robert Holmes" and composite credits remade in a slightly different typeface, "Part One" removed.
The Trial of a Time Lord, pt. 212/04/198806/16/199121:30:47"The Trial of a Time Lord," "by Philip Martin" and composite credits remade in a slightly different typeface, "Part Five" removed.
The Trial of a Time Lord, pt. 312/11/198806/23/199121:30:42"The Trial of a Time Lord," "by Pip and Jane Baker" and composite credits remade in a slightly different typeface, "Part Nine" removed.
The Trial of a Time Lord, pt. 412/18/198807/07/199120:52:16"The Trial of a Time Lord" remade in slightly different typeface, "by Robert Holmes" replaced by "by Robert Holmes and Pip and Jane Baker" in a slightly different typeface, "Part Thirteen" removed. Original credits retained.
Time and the Rani12/25/198807/14/199121:29:08 
Paradise Towers01/01/198907/21/199121:29:10 
Delta and the Bannermen01/08/198907/28/199121:07:05 
Remembrance of the Daleks03/05/198908/11/199121:30:12Pre-title sequence moved after titles by Lionheart. Rock songs replaced on home video releases in tact here.
The Happiness Patrol03/12/198908/18/199121:09:15 
Silver Nemesis03/19/198908/25/199121:07:47 
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy03/26/198909/01/199121:28:46"Part One" removed.
Ghost Light08/25/199608/25/19961  
The Curse of Fenric09/01/199609/01/19961  

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